Rustic & Blue, Chiang Mai

I always like restaurants that serve all-day breakfast and brunch. Maybe because having breakfast when it’s not actually the right time makes me feel laid back, like the day you’re up at 1 pm, lying on the bed until you realise that it’s already 3 pm and spring up from the comfy bed to whip up some egg dish.

Courtesy of Rustic & Blue Facebook Page

When a friend of mine showed me the photo of this place, the mental image of Kinfolk magazine instantly popped up in my head!

Nowadays places like this are ubiquitous in big cities, but my friend and my brother told me over and over that it’s worth a try, so why not?!


Located on the super-busy and -touristy Nimmanhaemin Road which is full of hip bistros, Rustic & Blue holds its place as a homey and cosy little place with a leafy backyard. (The backyard was under renovation on that day). The place serves ‘Handgrown Produce & Artisan Food’.

Beer & Cheddar Cheese Soup

I followed my brother’s boasting and ordered Beer & Cheddar Cheese soup. The thick soup was full of savoury cheesy flavour. The texture of mirepoix were still prominently distinguishable. It came with coal-toasted sourdough, which nostalgically reminded me of my childhood when I helped my mum grill slices of bread slowly on the coal. The aroma of coal-toasted bread is far more complex and is unarguably superior to those made with a toaster.

Sriracha maple chicken & waffle

Then I went for Sriracha maple chicken & waffle. I personally found the waffle too thick and cakey. I would prefer a fluffier, lighter, airier, and crispier one. The well-seasoned fried chicken was tasty and aromatic. The crunchy onion, garlic, and basil added textural and piquant dimension to the dish.

Honey Lavender Ice Cream

I finished my dinner with a nice scoop of Honey Lavender ice cream.

I felt that I wanted to try some other items on the menu, so I made a second visit several days later.

I had a hearty bowl of pumpkin & carrot soup followed by a beef burger. The soup came with the fantastic coal-toasted sourdough as usual. The soup was mellow, smooth, but substantial enough to stand on its own as breakfast. The burger was really nice, I must say. The juicy beef patty was cooked just as I ordered – medium. With blue cheese, onion chutney, and coleslaw, this burger was bursting with succulent flavour!


This quaint charismatic place somehow exerted a certain amount of charm on me, and I would definitely come back when I long to escape from turmoils.


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